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Monday, March 10, 2014

Fashion for Paws 2014!

Spring is finally here! That means it is time for the dogs of DC to get ready to strut down the catwalk for the 8th annual Fashion for Paws Runway Show on April 12th at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.  Last year my Labradoodle Frank and I had a great time walking the runway and were thrilled to raise over $17,000.  Since its inception Fashion for Paws has raised more than three million dollars for the Washington Humane Society (WHS).

All proceeds from the event benefit the nearly 43,000 lost, abused and neglected animals WHS cares for every year need your help.  Friendship often provides emergency care for the animals of WHS and I have personally treated many of the animals WHS Humane Law Enforcement Officers have brought in for treatment.  I also volunteer at the monthly CatNiPP spay/neuter clinic for feral cats.  This has given me a first-hand view into the critical work that WHS provides for the animals and people of our community.

Here is an example of how your donation can directly improve the lives of animals in our community:

$35- Provides microchips for 6 animals
$50- Covers costs to spay or neuter a stray animal
$75- Buys 50 cat scratching posts
 for shelter kitties to play with
$100- Buys 10 Kong Dog toys for shelter pups to play with
$150- Pays for the average cost of one homeless animal's stay
$250- Helps fund medical examinations for 2 rescued animals
$500- Helps WHS Officers conduct a cruelty inspection
$1,000- Helps provide Heartworm tests for 150 animals

If you would like to support Frank in his dreams of runway domination there are many ways to get involved.  You can purchase a ticket to the event or make a direct donation by visiting my fundraising website.

Thank you for your support!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fashion for Paws 2013 was a huge success!

Fashion for Paws was absolutely amazing this year!  Frank and I were thrilled to have raised nearly $18,000 of the more than $700,000 the event brought in overall this year for the animals of the Washington Humane Society.  That put us third in the fundraising competition between models and we were honored to be invited on stage to accept an award.  The winner, Susan Ostrowski, raised an astounding $38,000 - big congrats to her!

I wore Lilly Pulitzer who is a personal favorite of mine.  I am such a fan of Lilly that I actually named my Chihuahua mix after her.  Lilly the dog does not participate in Fashion for Paws as she would absolutely hate being dragged up onstage but Frank is a natural on the runway.  You can see him below greeting is adoring fans after the show.

Thank you to everyone who supported us by donating, you have made a huge difference in the lives of the 30,000 animals that WHS cares for!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fashion for Paws 2013!

Spring is on the way and with it comes Fashion for Paws!

 My husband Hugh, Frank and I kicked off our fundraising by attending A Sugar and Champagne Affair last week.  This wonderful event, now in its 12th year, honors the hard working humane law enforcement officers of Washington Humane Society (WHS).  We meandered around the Ronald Regan Building with other dogs and their humans while sampling tasty treats from pastry chefs around town.  Hugh and I also indulged in champagne tasting - Frank was not allowed because he is not of age.

This week launches the eight week countdown for fundraising until the Runway Show on April 13th at the National Building Museum.  Below are some numbers that will hopefully persuade you to donate (preferable in support of me and Frank) to WHS.  They provide critical care to countless abused, neglected and abandoned animals of the District.

  • WHS Field Officers (Animal Control & Humane Law Enforcement) responded to nearly 14,212 calls for help in 2012
  • WHS provided low-cost spay/neuter services to more than 7,460 cats and dogs in 2012
  • WHS' low-cost vaccine clinic vaccinated approximately 8,000 animals in 2012
  • For the past 26 years, WHS has been teaching DC school children about the importance of respect and compassion for all living beings. The WHS Humane Education program worked with more than 2,630 students and adults at schools, workplaces, career fairs and special community events in 2012.
  • WHS' DOG TAGS program brings together wounded warriors in the DC metro region with homeless dogs at WHS, providing therapy and training for both the soldiers and dogs
Please consider giving to this truly wonderful cause!  You can visit http// for more information or to make a donation

Me and Frank on the runway in 2013

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion for Paws 2012!

Frank in 2011

It is that time of the year again; spring is almost here and with the tulips comes Fashion for Paws.  This will be my third year participating and I could not be more excited to embark on my fundraising efforts.  Last year my Labradoodle Frank and I were very proud to walk down the runway after raising more than $18,000 for the Washington Humane Society (WHS).

This is a cause near and dear to my heart and I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to an organization that gives so much to our community.  WHS provides care to more than 30,000 abused, neglected and abandoned animals every year.  They are the only open-access shelter in the District which means that at any time if someone feels they cannot care for their pet WHS will accept them.  They take in an average of thirty animals per day.  This service alone saves thousands of animals from needless suffering.

Sparkle and me in 2010
In addition to the shelters WHS has numerous programs that benefit not just animals but humans as well.  Their Humane Education program aims to educate school children about animal abuse to stop the cycle of abuse that so many children grow up with.  There is a direct connection between animal cruelty and domestic violence.  If we can educate these children to show compassion to animals it is thought that this will translate to other aspects of their life and prevent future violent acts.

The dedicated and tireless officers of WHS’s Humane Law Enforcement are available twenty-four hours a day to investigate reports of animal cruelty.  They witness horrendous acts against innocent animals that we all prefer not to think about, a cat intentionally set on fire or a dog left to die in a dumpster after extensive bite wounds.  These officers subject themselves to witnessing the worst in human behavior and yet they keep at it day after day in order to keep the animals of the District safe.  I feel this is truly commendable.

These are just a few of the many programs that WHS provides to the animals and people of the District.  Without them we would be lost and many innocent animals would pay the price with needless suffering.  As someone who has dedicated my life to helping animals I am proud to raise money for this wonderful organization, please consider supporting Frank and me in Fashion for Paws this year.   

Visit for more information.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fashion for Paws

The Fashion for Paws Runway Show was this past Saturday and I could not be more proud of Frank.  He was an absolute star strutting down the runway like a supermodel in Paris.  We ended up raising a total of $15,512 which far succeeded my initial expectations.  The event itself was amazing and hugely successful raising over $520,000.  Thank you to everyone for your support!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fashion for Paws this Saturday

Frank and I are in the homestretch for fundraising for the Fashion for Paws Runway Show benefiting the Washington Humane Society (WHS).  The event is on Saturday, we both have our runway looks planned out and we could not be more excited.  If you would still like to make a donation you can do so up to noon on Friday but visiting my fundraising page

WHS is also competing in the ASPCA $100K Challenge and needs your help to win.  You can visit daily to support WHS in this nationwide contest.  I just placed my vote for today and they are currently in 27th place out of the 50 shelters participating.  Vote today and every day until April 15th!

For those of you that read my blog for veterinary health information and are wondering when I will start posting non-Fashion for Paws related articles, fear not they are coming.  I have many interesting topics that I am working on such as brachycephalic syndrome, my newest thoughts on pet food recommendations, Friendship's new partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and gastrointestinal diseases of cats. 

Thanks again to all my wonderful clients, family and friends for their amazing support over the last few weeks, Frank and I will see you on the runway!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yappy Hour Success!

The Yappy Hour this past weekend was a huge success!  We raised an impressive amount of money for Fashion for Paws and everyone seemed to have a great time.  A big thank you to Friendship, Happy Paws, Hello Cupcake, Barkley Square and Something Sweet for their support and generous donations.

Photos courtesy of James Robertson

Frank welcomes one of his supporters

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Raffle and Yappy Hour

This Saturday is the Yappy Hour fundraiser for Fashion for Paws 
at Pete's Apizza!

Come by with your dog and spend some time with us from 5-7 pm.  For just $10 you will get a Friendship Tote filled with goodies including gourmet dog treats from Barkley Square and FREE PIZZA!  There will be a cash bar inside for your beer and wine needs.  You can puruse our awesome raffle prizes and each guest gets a chance to win a dozen cupcakes from Hello Cupcake or a St. Patrick's Day inspired dog cake.

Don't miss out on this fun, family, dog friendly event!
Pete's Apizza
4940 Wisconsin Avenue NW
5-7 pm

If you haven't been by Friendship in the last few weeks then you are missing out on a chance to enter the Fashion for Paws raffle and win some amazing prizes.

  • Friendship Gift Card
  • Happy Paws sleepover with play days
  • Gift Basket courtesy of Wagtime
  • Six month of free food from Royal Canin
  • Nutramax Gift Basket with Dasuquin and Wellactin
  • Canine Wellness Gift Basket
  • Feline Wellness Gift Basket

The drawing will be held on April 5th so there is still plenty of time to buy your tickets!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fashion for Paws Update!

Fashion for Paws is now one month away and fundraising is in full swing.  As of this moment in time Frank and I have raised the most money out of all the other models, we are at $10,150!!  Frank is so close to his dream of runway domination and earning the coveted title of "Model Washingtonian of the Year"but we need your help to keep the momentum going.

A huge thank you to Happy Paws, Friendship, BVNS and all my wonderful clients, Polite Puppies, friends and family whose generous donations have made this possible.

There are still many opportunities if you want to get involved.

Stop by Friendship and enter our raffle for a chance to win:

  • Friendship $150 gift card
  • Weekend sleepover with play days at Happy Paws
  • 6 months of food from Royal Canin
  • Gift basket full of Nutramax products
  • Canine Wellness gift basket
  • Feline Wellness gift basket

Join Friendship and Happy Paws on March 19th for Yappy Hour at Pete's Apizza!  

For just $10 guests will take home a Friendship tote bag filled with goodies, a chance to enter the raffle and all the free pizza you can eat.  This dog and family friendly event is not to be missed.

Pete's Apizza
March 19th
5-7 pm
4940 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Attend the Fashion for Paws Runway Show

The main event will be held on April 9th at the National Building Museum.  Tickets and tables are still available but selling fast so get yours now.

For more information about Fashion for Paws, to buy a ticket or make a donation please visit

Monday, February 7, 2011

Frank on Fox 5 for Fashion for Paws

Frank and I were thrilled to be on Fox 5 this morning for their "Ask a Vet" segment with Annie Yu.  Frank is working hard at raising money for Fashion for Paws and this was a great opportunity for him to get the word out about the event.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fashion for Paws!

Today marks the start of fundraising for Fashion for Paws.  Sparkle and I had a great time last year and raised over $8000.  This year I will be walking the runway with Frank who is already planning his outfit, but we need your help to make this happen.  There are many ways you can contribute:

  • Join us on March 19th for a Yappy Hour at Pete's Apizza
  • Buy a ticket to the event and see Frank strut down the runway in all his glory
  • Purchase an ad for your business to be displayed in the official program book
  • Stop by Friendship and enter our raffle for the chance to win many great prizes
  • Make a direct donation by visiting my fundraising website

In case you are not familiar with the event, Fashion for Paws in now in it's fifth year and has raised over one million dollars for the Washington Humane Society (WHS).  Friendship is the emergency hospital for WHS and I have personally treated many of the abused and neglected rescued by WHS Humane Law Enforcement Officer.  This has given me a first-hand view into the critical work that WHS provides for the animals and people of our community.

All proceeds from the Fashion for Paws Runway Show directly benefit the more than 30,000 homeless, lost, neglected and abused animals WHS cares for each year.  Your donations will also support vital programs such as Humane Law Enforcement, Humane Education, low cost vaccination and spay-neuter programs, Dog Tags and the WHS Behavior and Learning Center.

I would greatly appreciate any help, this organization and the amazing work they do is very close to my heart.  To make a donation please visit my fundraising page or post a comment with any questions and I will be happy to get back to you.

Thank you!