Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yappy Hour Success!

The Yappy Hour this past weekend was a huge success!  We raised an impressive amount of money for Fashion for Paws and everyone seemed to have a great time.  A big thank you to Friendship, Happy Paws, Hello Cupcake, Barkley Square and Something Sweet for their support and generous donations.

Photos courtesy of James Robertson

Frank welcomes one of his supporters

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Raffle and Yappy Hour

This Saturday is the Yappy Hour fundraiser for Fashion for Paws 
at Pete's Apizza!

Come by with your dog and spend some time with us from 5-7 pm.  For just $10 you will get a Friendship Tote filled with goodies including gourmet dog treats from Barkley Square and FREE PIZZA!  There will be a cash bar inside for your beer and wine needs.  You can puruse our awesome raffle prizes and each guest gets a chance to win a dozen cupcakes from Hello Cupcake or a St. Patrick's Day inspired dog cake.

Don't miss out on this fun, family, dog friendly event!
Pete's Apizza
4940 Wisconsin Avenue NW
5-7 pm

If you haven't been by Friendship in the last few weeks then you are missing out on a chance to enter the Fashion for Paws raffle and win some amazing prizes.

  • Friendship Gift Card
  • Happy Paws sleepover with play days
  • Gift Basket courtesy of Wagtime
  • Six month of free food from Royal Canin
  • Nutramax Gift Basket with Dasuquin and Wellactin
  • Canine Wellness Gift Basket
  • Feline Wellness Gift Basket

The drawing will be held on April 5th so there is still plenty of time to buy your tickets!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nola's story

In case you were not familiar with all of the amazing work that the Washington Humane Society (WHS) does for the animals of The District, the following story about a cat named Nola is just one example of why we need them in our community.

Nola was brought in to Friendship for emergency care after a Humane Law Enforcement Officer responded to a call in Northeast DC.  A woman had found her curled up on her front porch with severe wounds and smelling of burnt hair.  Her whiskers were completely singed off, the tips of her ears were deformed from severe burns and the right side of her body was hairless and covered in an open wound.  It was presumed that someone had intentionally set her on fire.  What is truly amazing is that despite this horrific act of cruelty she was purring nonstop, wanting only to curl up in someone's arms.

Nola responded very well to treatment and is now safely living with a wonderful foster family while she continues to heal.  I am constantly amazed by the ability animals have for unconditional love and forgiveness.  It is because of this unending capacity for love that I became a veterinarian and why I believe so strongly in WHS's mission. The animals they protect do not have a voice, therefore it is our moral responsibility to stand up and speak for them.

Watch Nola's story on 9 News Now:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fashion for Paws Update!

Fashion for Paws is now one month away and fundraising is in full swing.  As of this moment in time Frank and I have raised the most money out of all the other models, we are at $10,150!!  Frank is so close to his dream of runway domination and earning the coveted title of "Model Washingtonian of the Year"but we need your help to keep the momentum going.

A huge thank you to Happy Paws, Friendship, BVNS and all my wonderful clients, Polite Puppies, friends and family whose generous donations have made this possible.

There are still many opportunities if you want to get involved.

Stop by Friendship and enter our raffle for a chance to win:

  • Friendship $150 gift card
  • Weekend sleepover with play days at Happy Paws
  • 6 months of food from Royal Canin
  • Gift basket full of Nutramax products
  • Canine Wellness gift basket
  • Feline Wellness gift basket

Join Friendship and Happy Paws on March 19th for Yappy Hour at Pete's Apizza!  

For just $10 guests will take home a Friendship tote bag filled with goodies, a chance to enter the raffle and all the free pizza you can eat.  This dog and family friendly event is not to be missed.

Pete's Apizza
March 19th
5-7 pm
4940 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Attend the Fashion for Paws Runway Show

The main event will be held on April 9th at the National Building Museum.  Tickets and tables are still available but selling fast so get yours now.

For more information about Fashion for Paws, to buy a ticket or make a donation please visit