Friday, February 27, 2009

Charlie - Day 6

Charlie remains in critical condition today. Thursday morning we were hopeful as he ate well but by the afternoon his seizures had worsened from focal facial seizures to more generalized, full body seizures. He responded initially to Valium which is used as an anti-convulsant, but soon after the seizures returned. We have tried the remaining anti-convulsant medication available with no success. His seizures have been waxing and waning in severity. Overnight and this morning he has been able to get some rest which is promising. In addition to his neurologic signs he is also having difficulty oxygenating his blood due to the severe damage to his lungs. To help with this he is in an oxygen tent and has a direct supply of nasal oxygen via a tube in his nose. We were able to place a feeding tube this morning which will help support his nutrition needs. Other than Thursday morning he has not eaten since the fire. The plan remains the same, aggressive supportive care and time.

We understand that Charlie's owner has been discharged from the hospital today and is planning to visit. We hope that contact with his owner will help Charlie keep fighting.


  1. Hang in there Charlie and keep fighting. There are many that love you and are pulling for your recovery!

  2. Poor Charlie. I wonder if you could tell us more about the Brudder Sullivan Fund? Perhaps that's a fund Friendship patrons might want to contribute to on behalf of Charlie and other pets whose owners need help paying for their care.