Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Canine Cancer Awareness

In an effort to raise awareness about canine cancer Friendship has partnered with Morris Animal Foundation, Blue Buffalo Food and Petco in an event this Saturday. We will be at the Petco on Connecticut Avenue from 10 am to 2 pm to answer your questions and concerns regarding cancer in pets.
As a pet owner who lost a dog to not one, but three types of cancer--lymphoma, melanoma and hemangiosarcoma--I know firsthand how devastating, confusing and overwhelming this diagnosis can be. The only possible shred of good news is that you have the warm, caring embrace of the Oncology Department at Friendship available to you.

Dr. Chand Khanna--who may just be the most amazing person I have ever met--leads this team of dedicated doctors and veterinary technicians. In addition to being double board-certified in internal medicine and oncology, Dr. Khanna runs multiple labs at the National Institutes of Health and founded Animal Clinical Investigation. Through these organizations he performs ground-breaking research in both animal and human cancer. Equally important, he is a personable, compassionate and caring individual. His entire team--including doctors Tony Rusk, Alexandra Sahora and Kristen Weishaar; his assistant Tracey; and the veterinary technicians JT, Rebecca and Amy--understands what a scary time this is for your and your pet.
Managing cancer is complex, expensive and at times confusing (even for me with Westin). Dr. Khanna and his team will go out of their way to answer all your questions and concerns and are always available to the emergency doctors at Friendship if something happens after hours. They do their very best to make treating your pet’s cancer as comfortable as possible for both you and your beloved pal.

Though most cancers in companion animals are, unfortunately, not yet curable, many are now treatable thanks to devoted doctors like Chand Khanna and organizations like the Morris Animal Foundation. We are making great advances in managing cancer in our beloved pets and one day we will find a cure. I treasured each day I had with Westin and consider myself blessed that she had Dr. Khanna and the oncology service at Friendship looking after her.

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